Dr Ivan Cole has nearly 30 years experience and is an internationally recognized leader in the field of life prediction, prognostics and design of engineered structures.

He specialises in Computational Materials Modelling (including geographical information systems), impact of and adaptation to climate change, sensor systems, corrosion science and protective coatings. His work has included the development of IT systems for damage prognostics, IT systems to predict flood damage and design guides to minimise such damage, the development of protective coatings for metals and the development of green materials.

Dr Cole has led major projects in intelligent vehicle heath monitoring for aerospace applications, development of new coatings for galvanized steel and aluminium and the relation between building design/climate and component life, as well as the development of performance-based guidance standards and codes for durable buildings. He has made a significant contribution to the application of building and material science to the conservation of cultural artefacts. He has an extensive publication record with more than 160 papers, and has been the chair and keynote speaker of international organizations and conferences in these areas.

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