Frédéric has over 14 years’ experience as a materials engineer and holds a PhD on corrosion engineering. He is the team leader of AECOM’s Strategic Asset Management and Advanced Materials team in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

At AECOM, Frédéric has worked on and led numerous projects in the field of durability, including the provision of technical advice during the design and construction phase of major infrastructure projects (e.g. tunnels, ports, plants, buildings, roads and bridges). This has included environmental assessment for materials selection, compliance with Australian Standards, modelling and prediction of future deterioration, technical review of design and construction documentation to ensure that the required durability requirements (design lives, inspection and maintenance requirements) can be achieved.

Frédéric has also been extensively involved in remediation projects aiming to increase the service life of major assets. This has involved condition assessment of different types of structures (from infrastructure assets such as wharves and bridges to heritage buildings) exposed to various environments, non-destructive testing, crack and corrosion monitoring, design and technical specification for infrastructure repair woks, and input to asset management plans.

Frédéric has managed a number of projects in the field of civil (primarily water and transport) infrastructure.

This has involved leading the durability team on the Victorian Desalination Project since 2009. In this project he provided technical support during the design and construction phases of the intake and outlet tunnels as well as the pipeline.

At AECOM he has authored and co-authored numerous technical reports and publications. He has also given numerous presentations at seminars and courses as well as national and international conferences.

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