Professor Frank Collins is the Director of ACID. His role involves fostering collaboration between universities to streamline access by government and industry to the most relevant researchers and facilities for the durability of built infrastructure. Frank’s career includes 19 years as a chartered professional engineer.

He worked for 13 years with Taywood Engineering Ltd in London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne offices; involved with diagnosis and rehabilitation of infrastructure and applications of construction materials. In 1988, Frank was Lead Materials Engineer in the Sydney Opera House rehabilitation program which entailed diagnosis of the roof shell elements and substructure, and development of remedial and preventative maintenance works. In 1995, Frank established the Bridge Testing and Rehabilitation Unit within the Ministry of Transport, Vietnam, allowing the Ministry to become self-sufficient in the management of bridge assets.

Frank’s PhD research was an industry-funded project that developed pre-blended alkali-activated cements as an alternative to conventional Portland cements – from microstructure to large-scale construction concrete mixtures. It was the forerunner to what are now termed “geopolymers”. Over seven years as Technical Director at AECOM (Maunsell) he established and managed the company’s Advanced Materials Group, including technical and commercial leadership, and provided high-level advice on many international infrastructure projects.

Before joining Deakin in 2015, Frank was Head of Structures, Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University. He has a keen research interest in the areas of durability and ageing of built infrastructure; utilisation of wastes as alternative construction materials; and improved construction materials for durable and stronger infrastructure (e.g. carbon nanotube-cement composites).

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