The Australian Centre for Infrastructure Durability (ACID) will focus on the delivery of solutions for Industry through the provision of innovative and high quality research in the development of:

Smarter structural maintenance technologies and techniques

  • New sensors and monitors for structural life prediction
  • Validated models for structural life prediction
  • Validated models for materials life prediction

Advanced corrosion mitigation technologies

  • New cathodic protection controls and standards
  • Chemical corrosion inhibitors
  • Sacrificial anode technologies

New materials for improved durability and corrosion resistance

  • Corrosion protection coatings
  • Alloys and new metals with improved corrosion resistance
  • Durable structural polymers and composites
  • Materials for specific environments (e.g. high temperature corrosion resistant alloys)
  • New knowledge and understanding in surface engineering and corrosion science

ACID will also assist in facilitating access for Industry to modern research and testing capabilities in:

  • Electrochemical and surface characterisation
  • Integrated durability assessment for carbon-fibre reinforced polymers
  • Variable environmental test chambers.

Research Capabilities



Cathodic Protection

Concrete Durability

Monitoring & Sensors

Modelling & Prediction

Polymer Degradation

Alloys Development and Processing

Materials Selection


Accelerated Low Water Corrosion

Marine Corrosion

Atmospheric Corrosion

High Temperature Corrosion

Stress Corrosion Cracking

Hydrogen Embrittlement and Corrosion Fatigue

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Testing Capabilities

Profilometer (stylus, 3D optical)

Microscopy Facilities (SEM, EDAX, TEM FIB, He-ion)

Microbiological testing

Water quality testing

Concrete mixing and testing

Mechanical properties – strength, shrinkage, creep, elastic modulus, hardness

Laser particle analyser

Mercury intrusion porosimetry

Nitrogen gas sorption

Thermal capacity


Conditioning samples for accelerated weathering

Accelerated Ageing

Electrochemistry (potentiostats, EIS, SECM w/ Kelvin Probe)

High temperature molten salt facilities

Salt spray

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