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Built infrastructure sustains our social, economic and environmental wellbeing: homes provide shelter; buildings accommodate a multitude of activities; transport infrastructure connects us via our roads, bridges, airports, railways, and ports; built services provide our well-being (energy, communication, water and wastewater).

However, all materials age: metals corrode, timber rots, concrete cracks, and polymers become brittle.

The rate of ageing is affected by the type of construction material, environmental exposure, and loading. The cost of maintaining and rehabilitating built infrastructure is significant (3.8% of global GDP).

ACID seeks to provide an efficient, one stop national platform for industry to access the combined research capabilities and testing facilities of a number of leading Australian universities, each with unique strengths in the durability field.

I trust you will find ACID is a future resource.

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Frank Collins
Director, Australian Centre for Infrastructure Durability


Our research projects have been spread across a range of sectors, including:

• Oil and gas

• Defence & aerospace

• Mining

• Water, wastewater & desalination

• Transport, structures & buildings

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